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Akita Breeder

Xtreme Akitas is the Top Akita Breeder in Delaware!

Are you looking for a reliable Akita breeder? Have you been searching the internet for where to buy Akita puppies in Delaware? Finding a reputable breeder that focuses on the health and wellness of their dogs can be a tough task. Fortunately for you, you've stumbled upon our team at Xtreme Akitas. Xtreme Akitas is utterly focused on providing our clients with the best pet companion animals in Delaware. Through our rigorous approach to healthy breeding and selective adoptions, we are able to ensure that both pet and client alike find their proper match! Let's jump into the process so that you can enjoy adopting an Akita today!

Here at Xtreme Akitas, we understand that not everyone has enough information to make an informed adoption. For starters, Akitas may look like adorable little fluff balls, but did you know that they can grow up to 130lbs in size and more than 28" in height? That's right! Akitas are known for their formidable size, substantial power, and strong defining musculature. Because of their large size and powerful bodies, we want to ensure that all of our clients understand what adoption entails. Akitas are independent in nature and require early socialization as well as frequent training. If you would like to know how best to approach these tasks, feel free to ask!

After our knowledge-based approach, we also like to comfort our clients with our pet-friendly approach. We do not breed our pets for money or competition. We do not flout or prizes or championships. Instead, Xtreme Akitas is absolutely focused on where to buy Akita puppies that are healthy, happy, and properly trained. We'd rather you take home an animal that will flourish under your care and guidance!

If you would like to adopt an Akita from our team, merely navigate to our Available Puppies page!

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