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Is Your Breeder Good or Bad?

What Kind of Breeder Are You Gonna Choose?


I started this page to educate the general public on "Puppy Millers"

And to make an attempt to protect the breed I love so dearly.


This page "WILL" attack these people.


"This is my as well as many others opinion of what puppy millers and back yard breeders look like"

See how the rain falls in the floor of the kennel.. This proves there is no roof or shade over top... Now try to imagine how HOT this kennel gets in the summer with the steel walls.

Look at the background of this video... the living enviorments of the dogs.

Look in the background to try to see the living enviorments for the dogs. At least he has large kennels. But is this enough? Is this right for the dogs he has? If a guy doesnt clean the trash in his kennels, does he clean the poo? I wouldnt want my dogs to live in such a mess and mud pit for the duration of their lives.

This is the same place he raises his kids... His pups run around the house at that age, (TOO YOUNG FOR SHOTS). Same place his family, kids, friends, neighbors, etc, walks in and after they were walking all around the rest of the world. Again, bringing in more germs and bacteria. Its one thing to do socialization, but not like this. There is a right time and place to begin that, not the living room at 3 weeks old. 

How many of his family use this bathroom everyday while the babies are still in there?

This brings more bacteria and germs in with babies that had no shots, everytime it is used.

How healthy do you think these pups are?

And the worst thing is...

This guys parades his videos on you tube and the web because he has actually NO idea of how bad of a breeder he truely is..




A Breeder is a person that has bred at least 1 litter. Even if it was an accident, and they never had a litter before, they are still a Breeder. 


Lets get real... ALL BREEDERS BREED FOR PROFIT... unless is was accidental.

Plain and simple. Weather the profit be...

Profit of "MONEY" (Looking to earn money or revenue as a reward of sustaining a litter)


Profit of "Education" ("We just wanted a litter so our kids could see birth") So stupid, Now find the homes.

Profit of "The Win" (Looking to earn rank in the ring or to be the best at something)

What Kind Of Breeder Do You Want To Represent The Next Addition to Your Family?

Puppy Miller-

A Puppy Miller is a person that breeds to make extra money


-They breed to make EXTRA retirement money. 
-They breed to make EXTRA money to put their kids through college. 
-They breed to make EXTRA money to pay their bills.



-They DO NOT do testings on their dogs 

-They DO NOT show their dogs in the ring (If not competing in the ring, then why else are they breeding)

Think about it... "They say they just love the breed and want every family to have one" But the Akita is not for everyone. So that means they are filling the rescues with unwanted dogs... So ask them "What is their TRUE reaon for breeding?" 

And if they dont or wont compete in the ring then Why? How do they know what true standard is?

-They DO NOT care for their dogs like they are supposed to 

-They DO NOT use a contract to protect their puppies and FORCE a person to return it to them in the event the owner is no longer able to keep the dog for any reason, therefore, adding to the rescues or the list of strays or dead dogs at too young of age. If they are not able to take care of the puppies they produce today in 5 or 6 years then why do they continue to produce?

-They DO NOT have adequate homes for their dogs 

-They DO NOT question you on your lifestyle and will sell any dog to any person that has money regardless of your circumstances or lifestyle. Examples are, They sell and ALPHA male to a family with kids under 5, or a family that has never had a dominant breed before, or a PASSIVE pup to a family with kids under 8 or a family expecting a child. Or on the other hand they sell a puppy to a person that that cant take care of the dog or a person that has never owned a dog past 5 or 6 years, or a person that has gotten rid of a dog in the past for what ever reasons, etc etc.

-They DO NOT care about you and your best interest is not in their heart. I mean they place the wrong dog with the wrong family, they lead you to believe that any of their dogs will be right for you, OR, They do not test their dogs to produce the healthiest pups leaving you to go through the heart ache in the end when that time comes.

-They DO NOT refuse sales of puppies to buyers. Therefor they dont care where the dogs go, either the home is not a good home, or the dog is the wrong dog for the family, they dont care so long as someone takes them.


-They sell FULL registration with all puppies AND even worse, they advertise it. Full registration is ONLY for breeding purposes. So if they advertise FULL reg, then they KNOW they are attracting the other trash breeders and they KNOW what they are doing.

-They have more than 1 or 2 breeds at the max in their kennel. How can they focus on bettering 1 breed when they are dealing with 3 or more diff breeds of dogs?

-They will put any dogs together regardless of flaws just to make a litter. 

If your breeder has a single aspect mentioned here, regardless if they use contracts, test, or show, then you are dealing with a Puppy Miller.

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