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Local Akita Kennel

Are You Looking For a Local Akita Kennel In Delaware?

Are you looking for a local Akita kennel in Delaware? Are you trying to adopt a pet that will fill your home with warmth, love, and affection? Xtreme Akitas is one of the top Akita kennel options in Delaware. We are a focused team of breeders that prioritize the health and happiness of our animals above all else. With years of experience in the realm of Akita breeding, we are uniquely suited and prepared to provide you with access to competition worthy animals. More than just focusing on show dogs, we prioritize the temperament of our dogs above all else.

Adopting an Akita is a decision that should not be made lightly. Akitas grow to become intimidating in size and their independent nature can make them tough for some families. With that being said, if you regularly exercise and work with your Akita, you will never find a more loving or loyal animal on the planet. As the top Akita kennel in Delaware, Xtreme Akitas can help to ensure that you are taking every step necessary to give your dog the life and training that it deserves. Take a moment to look at our adoption contract to understand what we mean.

If you are ready to adopt from a local Akita kennel, we are more than happy to help facilitate that service. Xtreme Akitas breeds all of its animals with a primary focus on health and temperament before transitioning to a focus on appearance. Our family-oriented kennel wants you to walk away from your adoption with a family pet that you will love and cherish forever. Our team of breeders and educators will work closely with you to answer any and all questions before you adopt an Akita puppy of our own.

Should you like to learn more about our Akita puppies for sale, head to the Available Puppies page on our official website!

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