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Xtreme Akitas

   We love our Akitas

 and we know you will too

Hollis Zane                                                                                                                   4 pages



(302) 377-5394                                                                                                Fax 302-294-6817


Puppy Contract and Sale Terms


Purchaser :                                                                                       Date of Sale : 


Address : 


City :                                                                     State :                              Zip : 


Home Number :                                                      Cell Number  : 


Email Address :


Sire :                                                                 AKC Registration Number :                       


Dam :                                                                AKC Registration Number :              

Litter Registration Number


Date of Birth                                                    Sex :                  Markings :


Temporary Name :                                                                 Registration :    


Purchase Price of Puppy :


Shipping/Delivery Cost : $400 (under 50 pounds with small crate)


Total Price :


Please understand that when purchasing a puppy, it is a LIFE long commitment, and A LOT of work.

Puppies chew things, they wine and cry, they go to the bathroom many times in your house before they are trained not to, They seriously have to be taken for walks and socialized, they have to be played with, They need toys, They need treats, They need to be a part of the family and not just be considered a toy and brought out when you want to play with it, They get sick and need to see the Vet. They cost money yearly for exams and shots, They eat food, that again cost money each month, they need a lot of water each and every day, they make messes that you will need to clean up, they need to be bathed when they get dirty, And then they grow up.

As an adult Akita they are now around 100 pounds and stand 3 feet off the ground. They are no longer cute and cuddly, They have minds of their own and may back talk you or purposely do things when they get upset, They shed, They require more room and exercise and need to run and play, They still need to be loved and cherished, They still need to be taken on walks and socialized, they still need toys and treats, and to be a part of the family, They still get sick and need to see the vet and need exams and shots and need to be bathed, They still need a lot of water and now they eat MORE food (4 to 7 cups every day), They now have real teeth and bigger claws, And now more than ever before they need to be protected, Protected from their own actions, wants and desires because it will never be their fault, only YOURS. If you are willing to put up with all these problems for the next 7 to 12 years then read on.


This puppy is warranted to the following extent only, and to the age of 24 months only :


Purchaser will receive a refund of a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value and same sex or half the purchase price if any of the following 3 items are to happen. All shipping cost are the responsibility of the buyer. If a puppy that is more than the purchase price is wanted then only the difference will be paid. However, Return of first pup is up to the breeder and a show pup will not be issued unless a show contract is signed.


1. The dog does not clear OFA for normal hip conformation at 2 years of age to be Excellent, Good, or Fair. The X-ray must be taken by a specialist in orthopedic radiology as approved by the seller.


2. The dogs eyes do not clear with a veterinary ophthalmologist for progressive retinal atrophy at 2 years of age.


3. Any terminal genetic health issue that comes up where said pup has to be euthanized and cannot be treated


All above are subjected to verification by the vet of the breeders choice.


If this pup is to be put down then breeder MUST be informed via mail, phone, and e mail at least 48 hours BEFORE any decision is made. If breeder is not informed BEFORE a decision is made to put down this pup then no refund of any kind will be given.


No refund of any kind will be given until proof of spay/neutering has been received by the breeder. Or Puppy is returned to breeder with all AKC documents and shot records. Breeder holds the right to choose whether to receive spay/neuter proof or physical puppy before issuing the refund.

No refund of any kind will be given if this puppy ever sired or produced a litter with the AKC.


Purchaser agrees to the following conditions :


1. The purchaser agrees to take said puppy to his own licensed veterinarian within 3 days of the purchase or receiving this puppy for a health check. If purchasers vet determines the puppy to be ill, purchaser may return the puppy for a replacement puppy of equal or lesser quality (equal quality will be breeders choice), provided it is in the same condition at the time of sale, and provided that its returned within 5 days of sale. Extra time will be given for returning said puppy at breeders discretion.

All expenses for returning said puppy are the responsibility of the purchaser.

A verified letter from your vet is required.

Breeder has the option to request a second opinion from a vet in your area of breeders choice.


**Please Note** All puppies that fly are required to have a Certified Vet Health Certificate in order to fly. Breeder has no intention of shipping a sick puppy. However, sometimes a puppy may get motion sickness from being on the plane or in the car, this should clear up within a few hours of getting home.


2. If this Akita is to be an outside dog then proper housing must be provided.

This housing MUST be in good repair at all times.

There MUST be NO water able to go inside this Akitas home.

All feces must be picked up daily.




Initials ________


3. There MUST be fresh drinking water available at all times for this Akita to drink whenever he/she decides.


4. This Akita MUST be fed daily in a clean sanitary dish or bucket free of dirt.


5. This Akita must be fed a premium grade dog food equal to or better than Pro Plan with NO soy or corn.


6. You agree and understand that PRONG collars are NOT to be used on this Akita.


7. This Akita MUST NEVER be allowed to run loose in the purchasers community or in any other location.


8. This Akita MUST NOT be chained or crated for long periods of time without adequate time to relieve himself and exercise. An outdoor run while you are away for the day or at work is preferred and recommended.


9. This Akita MUST NEVER be allowed to dog fight for any reason at all.


10. Routine health care MUST be provided for this Akita to include but not be limited to yearly physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm prevention that controls Round and Hook worms also, stool checks, etc. Purchaser agrees to start this Akita on heart worm preventative at the age of 4 months old and to administer it every month on the first of the month for the rest of its life.


11. This Akita MUST be kept in a reasonable healthy and clean condition to include but not limited to, bathing, nail trimming, and correct weight, not over weight or under weight.


12. Purchaser agrees to notify breeder of any change of address or phone number.


13. Purchaser agrees that this Akita is never to be placed, sold, or disposed of in any way without prior written approval of the breeder. Breeder retains the right of FIRST refusal at no cost to breeder along with all paperwork for this Akita if it was ever to be removed from its new home.

Breeder retains the right to refuse or not allow this akita to be placed in a new home. A new home MUST fill out a new contract with breeder and be approved by breeder prior to placement.


14. Purchaser agrees to send pictures of this Akita within 10 days of purchase if its a fly out, and around 30 days if it was a pick up, and at least 1 every 6 months after purchase or at breeders request. They may be sent to breeders e mail or cell phone, whichever is easier. Pictures allow us to know that our babies are still being well cared for like they deserve. And allow us to see how they are growing. We don't expect the purchaser to remember to send us pictures every 6 months, however, if we are to request a picture then purchaser agrees to send the pictures of the pup. Pictures are to be taken on the dogs level and of good quality, not blurry or to dark.


15. Purchaser agrees to submit a review on either sellers website or the puppy site they found us on within 7 days.






Initials _______


If Item numbers 1 through 14 are not complied with then this will be considered neglect, and breeder has the right to take back this Akita regardless of age without court actions. Purchaser agrees to this and promises not to neglect this Akita in any way. Purchaser agrees to provide to breeder their vets name and number, receipts of physicals or exams or preventative used for this Akita at breeders request. If court actions are to be taken because buyer refuses to return the puppy in the same condition as received it in, and Breeder is found to be correct then buyer is responsible for a $1000 fee for breeders time plus all court cost and travel expenses that breeder may have incurred.


** Please feel free to call me day or night any time if you have any questions or concerns and especially in the case of an emergency at the above number. I am available 24 hours a day for any of my babies regardless of their age or how long you had them. If you don’t get a hold of me leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. **
























Purchaser agrees and excepts all responsibilities and liabilities for said dog.






Purchaser                                                                                          Date


Hollis Zane                                                          

Breeder/Seller                                                                                    Date

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