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The Akita


The Akita is one of the most Beautiful dogs known to man. They are full with confidence, and extremely intelligent. They are graceful in the way they carry themselves and have no fear of anything. They are loyal to there owners and very protective of there family. They will follow there master threw anything with no hesitation and will apply a loving friendship at all times.

Akitas are a wonderful, unique breed, but they are not for everyone. They demand a lot of attention and are natural born leaders. If you have other pets in the house, early introductions are a must. If introduced correctly, an Akita will protect another pet as if it were it's human companion. Because like everyone who has an Akita says,
"Once You Own An Akita, An Akita Owns You Forever."
Akitas are very loving dogs and are like no other. Once you have owned one, or I might say been owned by one, no other type of dog will do.


An Akita is a very Strong, and Powerful dog. They do not know fear, or at least they like to try to make you think they don’t. This being said, if an Akita becomes afraid then it thinks, “Kill what Im afraid of and I wont be afraid anymore” Therefore, proper socialization of an Akita is a must.


As an Akita breeder, it is very important that you play with its face and mouth all the time, touch it on its rear and play with its tail, Place your hand inside of its mouth and show it that is OK for humans to be around its mouth. This must be done on a day to day bases. Remember, the more time you spend with your dog, the more it will respect you and the more it will be socialized.


Do not play challenging games with it such as tug a war, or wrestling around. If you are to play these games then make sure that when you want to end the game that it is YOU that wins. There confidence will grow more and more every time they win over a human, and this can lead to problems at an older age. The best tug a war game you can play with your Akita is using its tounge. This will allow it to be more socialized with human hands in or around its face.


Never train your Akita to be a protection dog. Their protection abilities are there, and they WILL come out in time. Allow your Akita to grow into the protection state on its own, and use correction methods when it starts to come into those moments, rather than waiting until its too late. Training an Akita to protect is like setting off a time bomb blind folded. You will never know when it will go off.


Its very important to treat your Akita as if it were a human child. They have extremely intelligent brains and are much smarter than the average dog. Treating them like a dog will make them act like a dog, they will tend to be more upset and aggressive and unruly. They will even back talk you and get even when they have the chance. This being said, ALWAYS place yourself in the Akitas place before you place it in that place. If you arent willing to do something then don’t expect it to do it. Or don’t get upset if you don’t like the way its acts after its done.

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