This was our Drako. He easily lived up to his name and was a Dragon. He weighed in at 143 lbs of solid muscle and was 29 ½ inches tall. His paws were 4 ½ inches wide. He had the bite force to crush a Q ball and did so on 2 separate occasions. He used to chew on rocks instead of toys and one time even tore an inflated tire from its rim. The toys he had usually didn’t last long. He would devour a large meet bone in minutes. He would stand his ground and protect the family with his life and wouldn’t hesitate for 1 second to do so. 


He used to take the kids on the sled in the snow around the neighborhood and one time even took me, I was 245 lbs. He loved the snow and would stay out all day long every time it snowed. He would act like an 80 year old man for the rest of the night but would be right back out there with the kids the next morning.

He had no clue he was so heavy and would try to sit in our laps to watch TV. He would back talk me if he didn’t agree with what I said or did and we could talk to each other and he would actually reply back. I had no idea what he was saying but he sure acted like he knew what I was saying. 


He was a great father with the pups and would help take care of them from as early as 3 weeks old Akita puppies. He was so gentle with them. Again the pups would just irritate him and 6 of them would be pulling on all sides of him at the same time, most of the time he would play back, yet sometimes he just didn’t feel like playing and instead of anger or aggression he would just get up and leave. He had a way he carried himself and a way he talked to them. 


There is no other Akita like him and possibly never will be. He was a great best friend, a great father, a great protector, He was our BABY, our SWEETHEART, our DRAGON, and we will miss him forever. 


We will always love you Drako

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